Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of a Chairperson, appointed by the District 6 Chairperson, two additional members with some financial background, appointed by the Finance Committee Chairperson, the District Treasurer, as a non-voting member, and the Events Treasurer, as a non-voting member. Appointed members of the committee will provide their qualifications for approval of the body. All members of AA are welcome to attend as observers, but may not join as members of the committee.

This non-funded committee is responsible to conduct a quarterly review of all District checking accounts and finances, and for providing required record-keeping documents.

The Committee holds a quarterly meeting of its members to conduct a review of all District checking accounts and finances. Following the review, an initialed set of records are returned to the District Treasurer who, at the end of the calendar year, turns these over to the Archives Committee for appropriate storage.

The Chairperson attends all District 6 business meetings and presents an oral report of no more than 3 minutes, providing a written copy to the Recording Secretary for inclusion in the business meeting minutes. The Chairperson attends the quarterly Area 15 Finance Committee meeting and the Area Assembly. Reviews the responsibilities/procedure of the position listed in the Legacy of Service document and if necessary provides changes to the Current Practice Chairperson at the October business meeting at the two year rotation time.

To contact the District 6 Finance Committee, please email:

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