The District 6 Chairperson facilitates the District 6 monthly Business Meeting using established parliamentary procedures to ensure the proper and efficient order of business.

Presents an oral report of Chairperson's Remarks at the District Business Meeting and forwards a copy of the written report to the Recording Secretary for inclusion in the minutes.

Sets the monthly District Business Meeting Agenda and forwards it to the Recording Secretary for distribution with the previous month's minutes.

Reviews motions submitted for the District Agenda for clarity and applicability.

Is an ex-officio member of all District Standing Committees and provides guidance and assistance, if possible, wherever needed or requested.

Assumes fiduciary responsibility for GSR District 6, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation.

Communicates with District officers and members of the District body as necessary to keep them informed on issues and actions of or affecting District 6, South Florida Area 15, or the General Service Office.

Wherever feasible, the District Chair is available to attend all self-supporting events.

To contact the District 6 Chairperson, please email:

Alternate Chairperson

The Alternate Chairperson for District 6 assumes the role of the Chairperson in his/her absence in all District matters. The Alternate Chairperson is familiar with conducting business meetings using established parliamentary procedure to ensure a proper and efficient order of business in the absence of the Chairperson.

At all District business meetings, the Alternate Chairperson presents an oral report to the body for inclusion in the District minutes. He/she provides the new GSRs each month with a copy of the AA Service Manual and the District 6 "Welcome" pamphlet (a service tool.) The Alternate Chair in his/her monthly report clearly states and at times may emphasize the importance of obtaining a service sponsor.

The Alternate Chair coordinates a rotating schedule of workshops on the Traditions, Concepts and Motions held at 6:30 PM before each monthly Business Meeting, selecting and designating current serving DCMs and past trusted servants for pertinent presentations. The Alternate Chair also facilitates a GSR/DCM sharing session at 7PM prior to the Business Meeting, introducing the opportunity for open discussion and promoting the free exchange of ideas and comments on topics relative to group and general service matters.

The Alternate Chairperson serves as the overall District DCM Coordinator for all counties and avails him/herself wherever possible to assist the county DCM Coordinators when requested and to attend and participate in any DCM meetings and events.

He/she acts as District Quarterly Coordinator responsible for providing flyers and hotel information and for assisting those who need rides, roommates, and hotel reservations for the next scheduled South Florida Area 15 General Service Quarterly.

The Alternate Chairperson is responsible for providing the District Chairperson before an Area 15 Quarterly Business Meeting/Assembly is called to order with an accurate accounting of District 6 voting members in attendance. Where feasible, he/she attends the District Chairpersons' session held on Saturdays each Quarterly weekend.

The Alternate Chairperson maintains open communication with the Chairperson and Officers wherever necessary on issues and actions of the District and the Area.

Wherever feasible, the Alternate Chair is available to attend all self-supporting events within District 6 throughout the term as well as any local Central Office/Intergroup events where appropriate.

To contact the District 6 Alternate Chairperson, please email:

Recording Secretary

The District 6 Recording Secretary is responsible for collecting the reports from the Officers and Committee Chairs and for preparing and distributing the minutes of the monthly District Business meeting. This includes announcements and flyers of upcoming events within the District along with the Agenda for the following month.

The Secretary also collects the necessary information about the Area 15 Quarterly Assemblies and Business Meetings and is responsible for including that information as an attachment to the minutes during the month preceding the Area Quarterly.

The Secretary maintains the current e-mail distribution list. Any written communications from the District Committee to members of the District are generally distributed by the Secretary. The Recording Secretary works closely with the District Registrar to help coordinate the information necessary to maintain a current and accurate postal mailing list along with the list of current Officers, Committee Chairs and DCMs which is updated monthly and distributed to the District body as an attachment to the minutes.

The Recording Secretary maintains files of all reports throughout the term of service and is available and easily accessible to provide copies of reports, announcements and e-mail contact information whenever requested.

To contact the District 6 Recording Secretary, please email:


The registrar is responsible for keeping a data base of the records for the whole district. This includes all GROUPS, GSRs, AGSRs, DCMs, ACMs, MAIL CONTACTS, COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS, INTERGROUP LIASIONS, and OFFICERS. Every time new information is entered into the district data base, the registrar forwards all the collected information to the area registrar, who enters it into the area data base and then sends it to the General Service Office in New York for inclusion in their data base. The DCMs from our four counties (Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie) are responsible for obtaining and supplying the registrar with current contact information from the groups they serve to put in the data base. The registrar is also responsible for preparing and printing a set of labels to present to the secretary for mailing of district minutes to those who request them to be mailed. The registrar also keeps a current list of people who wish to receive the district minutes by e-mail for the secretary to use for sending e-mailed minutes. This list is maintained by both the registrar and the secretary and is constantly updated. The registrar also prints the sign in sheets for the monthly district meeting. The registrar also is responsible for the roll call at the district meeting and to contact individuals who have two unexcused absences with their intent to continue to serve or not. The individuals must be reinstated to their position by a vote of the district body if they wish to continue to serve.

To contact the District 6 Registrar, please email:


Group contributions to the district can be mailed to this address:
District 6 Treasurer
P.O. Box 12248
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34979-2248

To contact the District 6 Treasurer, please email:

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