Room and Ride Committee


A Chairperson that has been elected by District 6 body per requirement resolutions. Four members of the committee, appointed by the elected Chairperson consisting of one member from each county, Indian River, Okeechobee, St. Lucie and Martin.


Committee and Chairperson communicate the district needs for Rides to both District 6 and Area 15 business meetings. A” needs help” sign in sheet will be provided at District 6 monthly business meetings. The members of the committee and the Chairperson will offer support to any GSR’s that may not have gotten a room reservation on time, or who are finding it hard to get to business meetings. The committee hopes to be a link for incoming GSR’s to District 6.


The committee meets at the Area Quarterly meetings to discuss any new ideas for Room and Ride organization. The committee members make themselves available by phone and email to the Chairperson who will direct those concerns by county. The committee Chairperson will be directly available at the District 6 Business meetings and during the time in between the Area 15 quarterlies for questions and help with Room and Ride.

To contact the District 6 Room and Ride Committee, please email:

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