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The District 6 Treatment Committee coordinates the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities, and sets up means of "Bridging the Gap" from the facility to an A.A. group in the individual's community.

Breakfast for Big Books Events

The District 6 Treatment Committee hosts a bi-annual event called "Breakfast for Big Books".

Proceeds for this event help to fund the purchase of Big Books for the clients of the treatment facilities who are starting their recovery.
Breakfast for Big Books is held once in the spring and once in the fall.

Bridging the Gap

"Bridging the Gap" is a temporary contact program offered by Alcoholics Anonymous to persons leaving treatment and re-entering the community.

This program assists clients who request help finding meetings and rides, making the transition from treatment to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous easier- thereby 'bridging the gap' between treatment and recovery in their community.

A local AA member will volunteer to contact a patient on his/her discharge date or shortly thereafter to help him/her find local meetings and start building a support group.

See the "Bridging the Gap" Pamphlet for a more detailed explanation.

To sign up for this service, please print and fill out this Bridging the Gap form.
The Phone number for District 6 Bridging the Gap is (772)49SOBER.

Individual Participation

If an AA member would like to be a temporary sponsor or contact for clients in treatment centers please contact the Bridging the Gap Coordinator

A minimum of one year of sobriety and a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps is suggested.

Group Participation

AA groups carry the message to alcoholics in treatment by volunteering to hold a weekly meeting in a nearby facility. Bringing meetings into treatment facilities is a great way to carry the message of hope to the still sick and suffering alcoholic.

To sign up, please contact the District 6 Treatment Committee

Groups will be placed on a short waiting list until the groups currently serving a facility rotate out of their commitments.

Here is a suggested format to use for bringing meetings into Treatment Facilities:

Contact Information

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