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Helping meeting makers make it

Accessibilities Committee

The District 6 Accessibilities Committee works to improve and maintain accessibility to AA meetings and literature for persons with special needs. Committee members and other AA volunteers carry the AA message of recovery to the deaf, hearing impaired, visually impaired, the homebound and learning disabled alcoholics in our District.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

Special Needs Tri-fold Pamphlet

Special Needs tri-fold image

While Alcoholics Anonymous is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is our intention to make the message of Alcoholics Anonymous available to everyone who wants it.

Helping meeting makers make it

Remote Communities Committee

District 6 meeting map

Remote communities are defined as those where carrying the AA message is difficult because of geographical, language or cultural barriers. The purpose of this committee is to locate, identify and reach out to members of these communities, offering the hand of AA where needed.

The purpose of this committee is to locate, identify and reach out to members of these communities, offering the hand of AA where needed.

Detailed committee responsibilities are in the Legacy of Service.

Cane field image

As is shown on the map above, most meetings in District 6 are located along the easterly portions of the counties, leaving minimal coverage in the western areas.

In District 6 our Western areas are largely agricultural, drawing large migrant Hispanic populations. Most of these underserved people live on the fringes of more populated areas and have limited access to internet or transportation.

Remote Communities Tri-fold Pamphlet
Remote Communities tri-fold

With the desire to keep the hand of A.A. available to anyone in need, the District 6 Remote Communities Committee has prepared this trifold as a tool for providing information on various ways to contact with Alcoholics Anonymous and get the message of hope for those struggling with problems with alcohol.

Please feel free to copy and pass along this information to places where it might be useful (i.e. individuals, local libraries, community centers, health departments, department of corrections facilities, churches, etc.)

The committee is currently working on:

Holding hands around the rotating globe

• Making updates as needed to our status board of meetings in remote locations.

• Updating the tri-fold pamphlet with an alternative Spanish translation.

• Distributing Spanish big books to local libraries, along with Spanish language literature within communities underserved by local meetings.

• Utilizing virtual platforms on a consistent basis to connect with persons unable to attend traditional meetings.

Volunteers are always needed to help distribute literature to our western areas and along our coastal marinas for those transitory populations.

Help wanted newspaper ad

• Laundromats are good locations for literature stacks due to migrants gathering there daily.

• Churches have not been accepting literature but some do allow restricted meeting rooms.

We also need updates about any new or reopening meetings as well as any temoporarily closed meetings in remote communities.

Please contact us if you are available or have any ideas helpful to our service mission at

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Treatment Committee

The District 6 Treatment Committee coordinates the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying the AA message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

The committee provides Facility Meeting Guidelines and a suggested format to use for bringing meetings into Treatment Facilities:

Group Participation

AA groups carry the message to alcoholics in treatment by volunteering to hold a weekly meeting in a nearby facility. Bringing meetings into treatment facilities is a great way to carry the message of hope to the still sick and suffering alcoholic.

Sign up sheet image

To sign up, please contact the District 6 Treatment Committee

- by email at:

- Or attend a Committee Business Meeting held at 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday monthly. See the District 6 Community Calendar for the location.

Groups will be placed on a short waiting list until the groups currently serving a facility rotate out of their commitments.

Bridging the Gap

This program assists clients who request help finding meetings and rides, making the transition from treatment to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous easier.

Bridging image

A local AA member will volunteer to contact a patient on their discharge date or shortly thereafter to help find local meetings and start building a support group.

See the "Bridging the Gap" Pamphlet for a more detailed explanation.

To sign up for this service, please print and fill out this Bridging the Gap form.
The Phone number for District 6 Bridging the Gap is (772)49SOBER.

Breakfast for Big Books Events

Breakfast over Big Books image

The District 6 Treatment Committee hosts a bi-annual event called "Breakfast for Big Books". Proceeds for this event help to fund the purchase of Big Books for the clients of the treatment facilities who are starting their recovery.

Breakfast for Big Books is held once in the spring and once in the fall.

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Corrections Committee

The District 6 Corrections Committee facilitates carrying the message of AA to the general population inside both county and state run correctional facilities.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

Meeting at a cell image

The Corrections Committee coordinates the work of individual A.A. members who are interested in carrying the message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls in the jails and prisons of our District. The Committee also coordinates smoothing the way from the facility to the larger A.A. community through prerelease contacts.

Application image

Visitor applications for the Martin and St. Lucie County Jails are available on the District 6 Corrections Committee webpage.

Application for the Martin County Jail

Application for the St. Lucie County Jail

AA Corrections Prerelease Contact Information Pamphlet

Prerelease pamphlet image

The prerelease program connects the AA member being released from jail or prison with Alcoholics Anonymous in their community. To learn more please open the link to the pamphlet, For AA’s on the Outside

For information about the Prerelease Program, contact

Corrections Correspondence Form – a special kind of AA Service

Corrections correspondence pamphlet image

The Corrections Correspondence Service is a Twelfth Step opportunity which links A.A. members on the “outside” with A.A. members in correctional facilities to provide a source of experience as it relates to problems with alcohol. Men are linked with men and women with women. To learn more, see the Corrections Correspondence Form

Bowling For Big Books Event

Bowling over Big Books image

The District 6 Corrections Committee hosts an annual event called “Bowling for Big Books”. The proceeds from this event are used for purchasing Big Books and other AA approved literature to be distributed to the inmates of the jails and prisons in our District. This event is traditionally held in February or March.

Annual Corrections BBQ

Pink can image

The District 6 Corrections Committee hosts a free BBQ annually for AA members who are interested in getting involved in this area of service as well as those currently taking the message of recovery behind the walls of the jails and prisons in our District. The main objective of this event is to involve new volunteers and to share and learn from each other through our experience with corrections work. County jail and State prison applications are available at this event along with literature on Corrections work. Information and volunteer sign up for AA Corrections Prerelease program is also provided.

Fellowship (and self-support)

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible to plan and coordinate 4 self-support events each calendar year. The Committee also assists in planning the annual Bowling for Big Books event (Corrections Committee) and the bi-annual Breakfast for Big Books events (Treatment Committee).

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.


Founders Day flyer

Founders Day Luncheon & Ice Cream Social

Saturday June 12th, 12:00pm to 4:00 p.m.

Langford Park Recreation Center
2369 NE Dixie Hwy
Jensen Beach, Florida

green pinDouble Speaker Meeting
– featuring 2 Speakers with over 25 years who will share their experience strength and hope.
red pinTickets: $10 per person
– Ticket price includes coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs, subs & other foods. Please bring a dessert or side dish to share.

Sponsored District 6 Self-Supporting Events:

Spaghetti image

SPAGHETTI DINNER to be held in the month of February following the January Assembly. To be held in St. Lucie County. Proceeds to support District 6.

Bill and Bob image

FOUNDERS DAY LUNCHEON AND ICE CREAM SOCIAL held in June in Martin County, with the Archives Committee providing four speakers with 25 years or more sobriety, one from each county. Proceeds to support District 6.

Catfish server image

OKEECHOBEE FISH FRY held in August August or Septemeber in Okeechobee County. Proceeds from the event to support District 6.

Gratitude image

GRATITUDE DINNER held in November in Indian River County. Proceeds to support the General Service Office.

Co-Sponsored District 6 Committte Events:

Bowling over Big Books image

BOWLING FOR BIG BOOKS to be held in February or March. Proceeds to support the purchase of AA Conference approved literature distributed by the Corrections Committee.

Breakfast over Big Books image

BREAKFAST FOR BIG BOOKS to be held in February or March. Proceeds to support the purchase of AA Conference approved literature distributed by the Treatment Committee.

Attraction through Information

Public Information Committee
Cooperation with the Professional Community

Public Information (PI) in Alcoholics Anonymous means carrying the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic by informing the general public about the AA program. The responsibility of the "Cooperation with the Professional Community" component is to provide information about AA to professionals in the District 6 community who have regular contact with alcoholics through their profession.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

Public Information display

Click to enlarge.

Working with the public

Fair booth image
  • PI visits include schools, local businesses, church and civic groups. In advance of initial contacts, we often distribute a letter describing our availability and how interested persons can make contact for more information.
  • Staffing “A.A. booths” at health fairs and local events.
  • Display and distribution of A.A. literature to the public.

Cooperating with the Media

Video screen image
  • Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.s) provide information about A.A. and are available for video, radio, internet.
  • A.A. Videos serve as an excellent way of telling the A.A. story visually.
  • Our YOUTUBE channel provides an additional platform from which A.A.W.S. produced videos can be easily shared with a broad audience in order to enhance carrying the message to alcoholic, the general public and the professional community

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P.I. / C.P.C. Banner

C P C Banner

The purpose of the C.P.C. committee is to provide accurate information about A.A. to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession as well as those working in the field of alcoholism.

Working with Professionals

  • Members of this committee keep updated lists of local open A.A. meetings to provide to professionals.
  • Send emails and form letters to create awareness of A.A. and the resources we have to offer
  • Provide displays and presentations at professional meetings and conferences.

Here is what you can do today:

  • Bring A.A. literature to your family doctor.
  • Are you a professional? Volunteer to speak to others within your chosen profession.
  • Drop a quiet word in the ear of your priest, pastor, rabbi, that an A.A. member is available to the congregation.

Links to A.A. pamphlets for specific professions
are provided on the CPC webpage.

Medical icon
Court icon
Human resources icon
Clergy icon
Corrections icon
Community icon

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Anonymity in PI/CPC Service

The general sense is that A.A. members remain anonymous at the public level involving all forms of media, but that the A.A. name itself (as well as phone numbers, websites, etc.) should be known, and that accurate and consistent information on A.A. needs to be made available.

Public Information display

If you would like to know more:
Anonymity-A Vital Spiritual Principle

Attraction through Information

Website Committee

The Website Committee's mission is to support District 6 outreach and provide information to recovering or still suffering alcoholics.

Serving the Recovering or Still Suffering Alcoholic:

provides links to meeting lists and 24-hour telephone hotlines
provides links to A.A. literature as well as meeting, 12-step and service resources
includes local A.A. events on the Community Calendar
includes locally based virtual A.A. meetings on the Video Meetings Calendar
network connections image

Supporting District 6 Outreach

maintains and updates all committee pages
updates email addresses
maintains password protected business documents
includes committee meetings on the Community Calendar Upgrades in Progress

Online Accessibility standards were discussed at the January Area 15 website committee meeting. Since then, the District 6 website committee has been taking the following steps to improve site legibility:

green pinIncreasing font sizes from 12px to 16px
blue pinUsing darker font colors, moving from a lighter shade of grey
red pinAdding "shadow boxes" to visually separate unique topics on each page
yellow pinAdding clipart to aid visual navigation


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Additional upgrades motivated by efficiency and love of District 6 include:

black pinAdding PHP to more quickly implement site-wide updates such as menu links
white pinAdding banner images to represent District 6

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Banner buttons image

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Enthusiam for Recovery

Grapevine/La Viña Committee

The Grapevine is a monthly publication of the AA Grapevine, Inc. and is commonly referred to as AA’s “international meeting in print.” The Grapevine Committee is responsible to generate continuing enthusiasm for our monthly journal of stories and anecdotes submitted by alcoholics who share their experience, strength and hope in print.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

District Activities

Grapevine display

The Grapevine and La Viña poster and table display is visible at every district 6 function and special event. The newly updated poster illustrates the history of both magazines, information related to the 2021 Carry The Message and Record Audio Projects, the new Grapevine website and books recently published by the Grapevine. Magazines, pamphlets, and new catalogs are available to members.

Man on the Bed painting

A gift certificate for a one-year subscription to the Grapevine or La Viña is offered to a raffle winner at every district event. If you are interested in having us display the Grapevine Information at your home group, please send requests to:

Working Together

June 2020 Grapevine covers

The Grapevine Committee supports the work of the Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee, by providing issues of the Grapevine for public events such as County Fairs. The magazine is distributed to those in correctional institutions by the Corrections Committee. Every year the June issue of the Grapevine is devoted to stories of hope by AA members still inside the prison walls and those who have been released.

Outreach Efforts

October 2019 Grapevine covers

The Grapevine/La Viña has been a lifeline to other alcoholics such as those living in remote communities, with special needs, in nursing homes, correctional and treatment facilities, and those serving in the military. La Viña has served Spanish alcoholics in the United States, Canada and wherever Spanish speaking meetings are conducted internationally since 1996. Both magazines are powerful twelve step tools used to help inform the public and the professional community about the way AA members stay sober.


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Enthusiam for Recovery

Literature Committee

The Literature Committee works to develop ideas and methods to best accomplish the committee's purposes of:

Our Great Responsibility book
  • Informing groups and district members of all available Conference-approved literature, audiovisual material, and other special items.
  • Providing literature for group and district functions.
  • Considering suggestions regarding proposed additions to, and changes in, Conference-approved literature and audiovisual material.
  • Encouraging AA members to read and purchase AA Conference-approved literature.

Literature Displays

The Literature Committee provides displays at District 6 events and other approved events upon request.

Literature Committee display - left Literature Committee display - center Literature Committee display - right

Click on each image to view the full-size photo.

Conference-approved literature

Display of A.A. literature
  • Some Conference-approved literature, including many service and twelve-step materials, are available to read online at, and can be accessed from the District 6 A.A. Resources page.
  • Literature is available for purchase at your local Intergroup or Central Office. You can also order it from G.S.O.'s online bookstore.

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Never forgetting how we got here

Archives Committee

District 6 Archives Committee is to collect, preserve and administer the official records of the District, as well as personal items donated which document or describe the history and activities of AA in District 6.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

Archives Displays

The Archives Committee provides displays at District 6 events and other approved events upon request.

Archives Committee display number 1 Archives Committee display number 2 Archives Committee display number 3 Archives Committee display number 4 Archives Committee display number 5 Archives Committee display number 6

Click on each image to view the full-size photo.

Foreign Language Big Books

The Committee has a collection of foreign language Big Books, a sampling of which are shown below. Click on each link below to see the full size image:

The Website Committee apologizes to the Archives Committee
for not being more careful about recording the language along with the image :o(

Digitizing Archives

Creating digital copies of archives is in the planning stages.

  • District 6 Current Practice states that the "Archives Chairperson obtains a clean copy of the Minutes. The archives Committee will be responsible for putting such material in plastic sleeves and in a notebook." As such, any reduction in stored materials will be minimal unless current practice is changed.
  • Electronic versions of business meeting minutes, agendas and treasurer's reports have been kept in a password protected folder on the website since August 2014. However, all website documents have been scrubbed for anonymity.
  • Next steps are determining the full scope of the project, accessing a self-feeding multi-page scanner, and organizing a group effort.

Making it all WORK, Work, work

Current Practice / Finance / Room & Ride / Officers

The Current Practice Committee organizes and maintains an accurate up-to-date record of all motions passed by District 6.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

Current Practice documents are available on the website:

Book of Current Practices

District 6 Legacy of Service

District 6 Book of Motions

The committee is currently working with the area to create guides for making motions and amendments.

Owl Image

The folllowing are draft materials for educational use only: Please do not distribute.

Draft Motion Guide

Draft Motion Process Flowchart

Draft Amendment Guide

Magnifying glass Image

The Finance Committee is responsible to conduct a quarterly review of all District checking accounts and finances, and for providing required record-keeping documents.

Van and Bed Image

The Room and Ride Committee communicates the district needs for rides to both District 6 and Area 15 business meetings. A ”needs help” sign in sheet will be provided at District 6 monthly business meetings. The members of the committee and the Chairperson will offer support to any GSR’s that may not have gotten a room reservation on time, or who are finding it hard to get to business meetings.

Our District 6 officers run the business meeting and keep "the books," minutes, lists of members, and financial accounts, while providing leadership and enthusiasm.

The officers do so much more than the abridged version shown here. Detailed responsibilities are on the District 6 Officers web page.

Swing the gavel Image

The Chairperson facilitates the District 6 monthly Business Meeting using established parliamentary procedures to ensure the proper and efficient order of business.

Many hats Image

The Alternate Chairperson assumes the role of the Chairperson in their absence in all District matters. The Alternate Chairperson is familiar with conducting business meetings using established parliamentary procedure to ensure a proper and efficient order of business in the absence of the Chairperson. Also serves as the overall District DCM Coordinator for all counties and, wherever possible, assists the county DCM Coordinators when requested and to attend and participate in any DCM meetings and events.

Climbing the notepad Image

The Recording Secretary is responsible for collecting the reports from the Officers and Committee Chairs and for preparing and distributing the minutes of the monthly District Business meeting. This includes announcements and flyers of upcoming events within the District along with the Agenda for the following month.

Filling out the Form Image

The Registrar is responsible for keeping a data base of the records for the whole district. This includes all GROUPS, GSRs, AGSRs, DCMs, ACMs, MAIL CONTACTS, COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS, INTERGROUP LIASIONS, and OFFICERS. Every time new information is entered into the district data base, the registrar forwards all the collected information to the area registrar, who enters it into the area data base and then sends it to the General Service Office in New York for inclusion in their data base. The DCMs from our four counties (Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie) are responsible for obtaining and supplying the registrar with current contact information from the groups they serve to put in the data base.

Stacking up the coins Image

The Treasurer accounts for all District monies received and disbursed and reports group contributions, checks disbursed, income and expenses and account balances for the preceding month at each monthly District business meeting.

Group contributions to the district can be mailed to this address:
District 6 Treasurer
P.O. Box 12248
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34979-2248

Serving the Greatier A.A. Community


D.C.M. and G.S.R.s image

A district is a geographical unit containing the right number of groups — right in terms of the committee member’s ability to keep in frequent touch with them, to learn their problems, and to find ways to contribute to their growth and well-being.

-from of the A.A. Service Manual pg. S31

As with our personal recovery journey, District 6 District Committee Members have the flexibility to decide which groups they represent as they form sub-districts, and also discover their own personal way of connecting to those groups.

District 6 Bylaws related to D.C.M.s

  • DCMs, ACMs and Standing Committee Chairpersons must have no less than 2 years of continuous sobriety and served at least one year as a past or present General Service Representative in any of our ninety-three (93) Areas within the United States and Canada.*
  • District committee members should be free to vote as their conscience dictates. They should also be free to decide what questions should be taken to its members at the group level, whether for information, discussion or their own direct instruction.
  • County DCM Coordinators (one per county) will be selected by the elected DCMs and must have no less than 2 years continuous sobriety and served no less than one year as a GSR, past or present, in any of our ninety-three (93) Areas within the United States and Canada.*
  • Officers must have no less than 2 years of continuous sobriety and served no less than one year as a past or present District Committee Member in South Florida Area 15.
  • The Alternate Chairperson also serves as District DCM Coordinator.

* As amended by motion.

-from of the District 6 Bylaws.

A Refocus on General Service

Upside-down truiangle structure of Genereal Service

    Coming soon...
District 6 has completed a web page for D.C.M.s including a description of D.C.M. responsibilities and links to resources for the District Committee Member. - pending approval

    In development...
We've also completed a draft web page describing Service in the Structure of the Conference.

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A Declaration of Unity
This we owe to A.A.’s future;
to place our common welfare first;
      to keep our Fellowship united.
For on A.A. unity depend our lives,
      and the lives of those to come.

Helping Someone Up Image

I Am Responsible...
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.

Reprinted from © The A.A. Service Manual with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

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