The Website Committee's mission is to support District 6 outreach and provide information to recovering or still suffering alcoholics.

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Serving the Recovering or Still Suffering Alcoholic:

The District 6 website provides links to meeting lists and 24-hour telephone hotlines as well as links to A.A. readings and meeting resources. The website committee also maintains a calendar of A.A. approved events in our local area.

Supporting the District Officers and Committees

In addition to maintaining and updating the website, the committee maintains password protected access to District 6 business documents, updates email addresses, includes committee meetings on the Events Calendar, and recommends Search Engine Optimization improvements for District 6 web pages.

Interested in Helping? Committee Responsibilities:

The website committee makes updates every month. Helping doesn’t require knowing how to edit web pages, though that kind of help is also welcome. Being present is enough to help keep track of details regarding District 6 business and local A.A. events including:

A good eye for an appealing page or keeping up with best practices such as search engine optimization is also a plus.

Anonymity and Internet Guidelines

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Anonymity Online and Digital Media
A.A. Guidelines - Internet Website Traffic

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